4 Flavors:

Grapenomenon: Everybody loves grapes. Even that weird guy who says he doesn't. A great grape vape. Crunchy, sweet and sour, hard candy with a lot of grape. Treat yourself to something even the weirdos love.

Blunomenon: Delicious blue raspberry hard candy infused with the scientific essence of yum. Get your own bottle. You know, for science.

Stranomenon: Strawberry hard candy with a gooey mouth-watering center.

Lemonomenon: Delicious Lemon candy without the sour taste.


WatanomenonForged in the heart of a juicy watermelon, Watanomenon is here to deliver the maximum amount of watermelon joy you've been needing in your life in that classic Nomenon way!


$ 29.99