Vaper Treats E-liquid (100mls)

Vaper Treats E-liquid (100mls)
*100ml Only*

Cinna-Fun: The gooey core of a fresh baked cinnamon roll topped with vanilla icing.
Ice Cream Cake: An amazing ice cream cake.
Mr. Malt's Flurry's: A delicious classic cookies and cream malt. 
Pebbles Cheesecake: A delicious creamy cheesecake layered with fruity pebbles.
Strawberry Cookie Butter: A warm & creamy freshly baked cookie, drizzled with butter & strawberries.
The Cupcake Man Blueberry: A vanilla cupcake drizzled in sweet Blueberry frosting, topped with sprinkles.
The Cupcake Man Strawberry: A vanilla cupcake drizzled in sweet strawberry frosting, topped with sprinkles. 
$ 28.00